Sound too good to be true? -  IT'S NOT!  Talk to our happy customers.

"Eliminate Lighting, HVAC & Maintenance Costs!"

Without any out of pocket expenses!

 "Save 40% to 60% on Electrical Utility Costs!"


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                                            Energy Efficient Lighting & HVAC Program


Budget-Free Project Installation "Guaranteed Savings"!


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Budget-Free Lighting Maintenance

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CAPITAL Energy Corporation will make it possible to install an Energy Reduction Project in your Company's building without incurring any out-of-pocket expenses from you, the customer.  The project cost is offset by the "insured and guaranteed energy savings" while still providing a substantial profit from the first month .....more

    Included with each project is a Five Year Lighting Maintenance Program that will ensure your Energy Efficient Lighting Systems is kept functioning in top order.  CAPITAL Energy's Service Department will provide lamps, ballasts and labor as part of the program. .....more  

Healthier/More Productive Office Working Environment

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Newest Lighting Technology


CAPITAL'S Lighting Systems are specifically engineered for today's computerized office environment.   Technological advances in Fluorescent Lighting have made it possible to reduce energy costs by 40% to 70%.  It has also virtually eliminated health related factors such as "flicker & hunt" - reducing eyestrain, headaches and absenteeism rates. .....more  

  There have  been significant advances in the filed of Energy Efficient Lighting with help from the world of electronics.  Today's new T8 Electronic Fluorescent Ballasts contain solid state components instead of magnetic core and coil, and operate at 20,000 Hz instead of the standard 60 Hz. .....more

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Lighting Applications

HVAC Systems


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  CAPITAL Energy has lighting solutions for all types of businesses - from retail stores to commercial office buildings, from industrial to institutional applications such as hospitals, schools and retirement homes.  Energy efficient lighting not only reduces electricity and maintenance costs but can also greatly enhances the way we shop, work and live ....

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    CAPITAL has energy efficient solutions for HVAC systems as well.  New capacitor and P.R.O.A.  (Polarized Refrigerant Oil Additive) technologies make it possible to reduce electricity consumption by 20% to 40%.  It also results in greater service life for the HVAC's compressor units which can cost thousands of dollars to replace every 10 - 15 years.........more  

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